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How did we be'gin'?

A confined encounter on move in day at university, arms full for both of us, hers with bedding and textbooks, his with alcohol and a sound system. It probably isn’t hard to believe that it would completely untrue to romanticise that the rest was history. 

We co-existed in neighbouring flats with the occasional civil nod in the communal lift. After a few months of passive aggressive wall-knocking and sliding notes under the door, it took a first date – that turned into an eleven drink-long bar crawl – to realise we had a lot in common. Travel, food, and gin.

Just as quick as the romance began, so did the strengthening of the relationship. With both of us experiencing personal issues, it was these shared passions helped us to navigate the ups and downs of ‘final year’. 

About us

When one of us was sad? Gin. When we had a reason to celebrate? Gin. A free Wednesday night? Gin. And whilst this might sound more like a confession at Alcoholics Anonymous, this mutual penchant caused us to laugh together, to spend time together, and inspired to create something special together. The Gin Bible was born.  

After being regularly bugged by friends and family for recommendations and constantly having to apologise to bartenders for having already tried their recommended gins, we soon realised the potential we had in front of us. In a world full of hundreds of botanicals, we could share our obsession for gin, and related experiences and tips from around the world, well past our loved ones.

Welcome to The Gin Bible.