In all of the Gin Bars in all of the Towns in all of the World, she Walked into Mine


If Casablanca is anything to go by, it was no secret that Humphrey Bogart realised the power that gin can have on bringing people together and making them fall in love, not only with itself, but with each other. And Humphrey isn’t alone. We too realise its’ magic, and although ours is not a story that started with an unexpected meeting in an exotic Moroccan nightclub, it is still one that neither of us foresaw, and one that similarly blossomed through a shared gin passion.

The Gin Festival

In a world that sadly seems to revolve around materialistic possessions, the latest fashions and other people’s’ opinions, we often forget about what (or who) it is that makes us truly happy. There are many who claim to have achieved their greatest aims and goals, to have everything they ever wanted, and yet, more often than not, they are still not happy. These people truly believe that they can be happy whilst being completely independent, self-sufficient, and indifferent. And what is it that makes us truly happy? Honestly? Love.

Love is the key to happiness. Money doesn’t make you happy. Sure, it makes you richer, it helps you buy nice things, but where is the fun in driving the Aston when the passenger side is empty? Wealth doesn’t and will not make you happier, but deep and loving relationships will. Being loved, having someone to love romantically or platonically, a self-love and accepting yourself; now those are the things that the world should be revolving around.

And so with Valentine’s Day fast approaching and it being the mushy smushy month of love and what not, we thought we’d let you know what lil’ gin love potions we’ll be stocking up on for February 14th…


Eden Mill

Love Gin. A gin that is actually called Love Gin. What could be more apt?! To further continue the theme, distillers, Eden Mill, have infused with romantic botanicals including rose petals and vanilla, and have chosen a rather delicious looking pale pink hue; all of which arouse the emotion of luuuurve. The botanicals bring a taste that is fruity and delightfully creamy, it almost reminds us of those strawberry and cream sweets you used to get in old fashioned sweet shops…

Eden Mill have even incorporated a little novelty factor with the pink tint developing only after the gin is mixed with tonic. And whilst we’re well aware that it is simply an unromantic chemical reaction, with the right atmosphere and some mood lighting, we’re happy to pretend that we’re drinking the most delicious of love potions! We can almost guarantee that this will become the new love of your life, and if you already have a significant other, there is always room for two, right?! Buy yours here – (it even comes in a gift set!!!)


Sentiments of ‘it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all’ hauntingly echo out from the beautiful story of this gin. Two friends – Joerg and Bernd – of German origin but living in the breaktaking New Zealand Alps, forged a friendship through a shared passion for distilling spirits. Infused with eleven botanicals, it is a gin that the friends created together, shared together, and enjoyed together. But sadly, a gin that was once shared as an evening tipple took a new, and more sombre, meaning when, after a brave battle, Bernd tragically passed away from cancer.

As a way of healing, Joerg was inspired to share the gin as they had done so happily with each other, with the world. It is a testament to true friendship, and a reminder that both life and love will never be a straight line. It will not go on forever, but what we must do is cherish the moments which we do have. We must cherish the here and now.

Broken Hearts Gin is a true gin; it is juniper led and its’ flavour is a perfect tribute to the country in which it derives from, the country which Joerg and Bernd love and loved. So whether you are cherishing moments with those present this Valentine’s Day, or remembering those who have have passed, buy your bottle here. 


Much to the other’s despair, one of us a serious pun lover. We are both already big fans of Pinkster gin so when we caught sight of their Limited Edition bottle, we bought a bottle for the the name alone. However, this is a gin that we regard fondly as it was one of the very first flavoured gins that we ever tried on one of our first dates in Trippets bar in Sheffield. We were sold on it’s wonderfully sweet flavour, and the distiller’s choice of the humble raspberry was frankly a berry good one – (sorry)!

We’d wager that it’s a gin that would convert any naysayers who claim to dislike gin after only trying a standard Gordons and tonic, and even those ones who think flavoured gins are a gimmick. So keep things fruity – (couldn’t resist, sorry!) – this Valentines Day, and get your bottle of Pinkster here.


And so there you have it. Love Gin, Broken Heart Gin and Let Love Be-gin will be the bottles in our cupboard when Cupid shoots his bow. But don’t get us wrong, there are a whole array of amazing gins out there that would be the perfect accompaniment to your celebration –  Valentines Day inspired or otherwise!

Once upon a time, a very wise someone told us that being yourself was the way to make someone fall in love with you and we like to think that on our first date, we were open, honest and true to ourselves. But unlike good old Humphrey Bogart and ourselves, that certain someone was clearly boring and sober, and did NOT have the same love and affection for gin that we do. We honestly believe that this common passion gave us the foundations in which our relationship planted it’s roots and blossomed into what it is today. A bit too much…? Yeah, thought so. Someone pass us a bucket!

So, until next time - Bottoms up!

Written by A

9th February 2017


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After a few months of passive aggressive wall-knocking and sliding notes under the door, it took a first date – that turned into an eleven drink-long bar crawl – to realise we had a lot in common. Travel, food, and gin.

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