The Devonshire Gin School


The Devonshire, in Sheffield city centre, has always had a special place in our hearts – it’s where The Gin Bible began – and so we were delighted to be invited down to one of their regular Gin Schools.

Devonshire Gin School

The theme of this Gin School was ‘speed infusion,’ or ‘ginfusion’.

 We were greeted by tables jam-packed with different herbs, spices, fruits, bottles of vodka, and plenty of juniper. The concept was simple really: grab a large handful of the J-berries, a substantial shot of vodka, and whichever ingredients you fancy. Then with the help of some nitrous oxide and a canister, you’ve got your own gin!

It’s a great idea as everyone’s able to create their own infusions and use whichever botanicals they like, no matter how weird or wonderful (and there really was some interesting infusions…). 

Devonshire Gin School

Here’s a quick run through of our inventions.

  1. Reyt Good: Hendersons Relish, hops, crushed pepper and coriander
  2. Fruity: Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and honey
  3. Sweet and Simple: Blood orange and vanilla
  4. Girl Power: Rose petal, hibiscus, mint, rhubarb and vanilla
  5. Grandmas Crumble: Apple, blackberry, rhubarb and cinnamon
  6. One for the Morning After: Lemon, honey and ginger.

The Reyt Good infusion was surprisingly nice. It had a very unique Northern flavour –  thanks to the ‘Endos Relish – and delightfully hoppy notes!

Another firm favourite was definitely s the ‘One For The Morning After’. It’s warming and like medicine in a glass, one you actually want to drink!

Any event like this is definitely well worth checking out because it’s a great way to experiment with flavours, meet likeminded gin lovers, and learn a lot!


So big up The Devonshire for this – an absolutely great event! However, we fully expect some of our flavours to be appearing on your shelves soon.

So, until next time - Bottoms up!

Written by D