Trippets Lounge Bar -Gin Festival


Trippets Lounge Bar is an award winning and one of the highest rated restaurants in Sheffield, and deservedly so! It’s well known in the Steel City for delicious food, a friendly atmosphere, but most importantly, for an incredibly large gin selection…

We have visited Trippets before, but almost 2 years ago – back when we were less clued up on the world of gin…  Debbie, ‘The Gin Lady’, talked us through their large selection, advising us on which gin would be best paired with our food, as well recommending her personal favourites. We were sold!

Then, whilst we were away on our travels, we got chatting to Debbie on Twitter who told us that they would soon be hosting a gin festival. We were delighted when we realised that we would be back in the country as this was an opportunity to good to miss!

Trippets bar

We were promised gin, jazz, and whole lot of fun, and they weren’t lying! We were greeted by a delightfully comical brass band, ten different brands of gin, and surrounded by a gang of fellow gin lovers. All combined, there was a wonderful atmosphere that we were proud to be a part of!

The head chef, who also happens to be Debbie’s husband, had worked his magic with the ‘snacks’ on offer. These were so much more than snacks – believe us when we say that their food is DELICIOUS. With a delicious canapé in one hand and a gin in the other, we were ready to do some ‘networking’ – (sampling)!


Faced with a room of great gin, many brands that we’d not yet had the opportunity to try, we were in our element. The only problem? Where to start.

Events like this one are great. It gives us the opportunity to get to know the people behind the brands, which gives us a much better insight into their product than we’d get from marketing. Most of brands were showcasing multiple products, some of which we’d never even seen before, so we were very excited to get sampling! It’s so inspiring when we meet distillers that have a passion for their brand and what they do, which made chatting to them an absolute delight.

We’ve always been big believers in championing craft gin, particularly the brands that don’t get the recognition they deserve. It was a real treat to meet such a carefully selected group, and we met some great brands that are definitely worth shouting about!


But be warned, you cannot attend to an event like this and drive home. We’re not promoting excessive consumption, but it is obviously compulsory to try every single gin exhibiting. It simply wouldn’t be fair to leave any out… It’s all in the name of research after all!

After sampling (and chatting the ears off) every gin brand, we selected a gin from the bar’s extensive collection and sat back to soak up the wonderful atmosphere.

We ended up spending almost five hours at the event before we started our wobbly walk home – now if that’s not a testament, we don’t know what is!

The great gin brands there were:

Sir Robin of LocksleyYorkshire heart & New York soul.

CuckooAn award winning gin from Lancashire.

Unit 6A vacuum distilled gin from Guernsey.

nginious – A Swiss gin brand, with a great portfolio!

Lone Wolf – A striking gin, with some great branding.

Divine GinA bold, charismatic gin, with a great design.

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Set in the heart of Sheffield, this gin and jazz bar & restaurant is one of the best in the Steel City.