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Gin recommendations, bar recommendations, and more

We’re not particularly picky when it comes to gin, but sometimes you can’t help having favourites… These are our gin recommendations – our favourite gin brands, gin bars, gin influencers, basically gin, gin, gin, gin, gin! You’re welcome.


Gin Monkey tells it how it is, and thats why we love her. Chief of World Gin Day, if theres something Gin Monkey doesn’t know about our favourite tipple, it’s obviously not worth knowing about! Make sure you check her out on Twitter too!

Our favourite UK bars...

Gincident – Nottingham 


Our favourite bars abroad...


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If the smooth taste of classic G&T or a gin-based cocktail is one that brings you the utmost pleasure, as it does to us, then consider any pursuit of happiness that you may have been undertaking to be fulfilled in the colonial walls of this bar.

Barra 55

Lima, Peru