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Gin. A drink with a somewhat chequered past, but an extremely bright future. What makes the spirit so special, we think, is its’ diversity. Each bottle is essentially a combination, a potpourri almost, of spices, herbs, roots and berries that will be completely unique to itself. Gin itself is technically defined by these flavours. It’s something or other to do with botanicals; there are very few limits to the amount that can be used and the only one requirement is the humble juniper berry.

A lack of dedicated ‘Gin police’ to determine whether the ‘tantalisingly sharp citrus undertones’ (oh, la de da, don’t you know?) shout louder than the main ingredient give distillers a somewhat free reign. This can make defining Gin, like your vision after one too many,  blurred. So really, realistically speaking, what we class as Gin might not be what you class as Gin, but who really care when it tastes this good?

We're not gin geniuses'

We’re not Gin geniuses’, we’re certainly not botanical scholars, and we’re more than happy to admit that after 11 glasses of the good stuff at the local ‘spoons, we can’t tell our Bombay from our Gordon’s. What we are though, is passionate. We’re passionate about Gin, we enjoy Gin – we hope that comes across.

And like the nectar from the God’s itself, this bible is diverse. We like trying fruity gins, we also like to try those that are spiced, a flavour that is ‘something a bit different’ is always a big hit with us – basically, we’re not fussy. So let’s just cut to the chase. These recommendations were written by non-pretentious gin people, for non-pretentious gin people. You’re welcome.

With over 90 tried so far, pick a letter or search and see our verdict.

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