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About Greater Than Gin

The creators behind Greater Than Gin took some of the humble spices and flavours one would typically find inside a masala dabba (Indian spice box), and put them together to make something special – a new Indian gin.

Greater Than Gin is a London dry gin. Its’ citrusy ‘whole’ is made up of 9 botanicals carefully chosen from all around the globe: coriander, angelica, orris roots, lemongrass, fennel, chamomile, orange peel, ginger, and of course, juniper. Choosing these botanicals was not easy, the final addition to this mix, which came after some time, was lemongrass, which they unintentionally stumbled across whilst visiting a local spice market.

India - Greater Than Gin

Our Opinion

There are so many gins telling the India story, yet none are actually made there, until now. 

India is a country full of flavour, and those unmistakeable flavours really shine through in this gin. The recipe was perfected with countless trials, only stopping when the distillers reached perfection, and we’d agree that it’s not far off. Greater Than as a gin is incredibly versatile, it tastes great as a simple gin and tonic, but also works well in cocktails. We’re big fans of this brand, and the gin. Let’s keep an eye on the Indian gin scene, it could explode soon!

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