Grima Gin


About This Gin

Grima is based upon a famous Celtic legend about a wolf who protected a young boy from Barbarians – when you drink this gin, you embody the strength, courage and spirit of the wolf.

Despite its’ distant inspiration, Grima is actually flavoured using ingredients much closer to home. Unique fruits and herbs such as camu camu, muña and cedrón, only found in the rainforests of South America, are deliciously paired  with the more commonly used botanicals of cardomom, cinnamon and juniper (of course) to create a totally unique flavour. 

The brand currently has two varieties, a regular (Compulsively Perfected), and an ‘Overcritical Selection’. The latter is their premium version and it combines the ‘heart of the distillation’ with exotic Peruvian flavours to create a gin of a greater quality.

Grima Gin

Our Opinion

Thanks to the uniqueness of the Peruvian herbs and fruits, both of these gins are unlike anything we have tried before. These gins are by no means subtle, and complemented with the right mixer, they can be addictively drinkable.

The ‘Overcritical Selection’ was definitely our favourite of the two, and it tasted exactly how a premium gin should. The addition of the the exotic Peruvian flavours really shone through, and gave this gin deliciously sweet and minty after notes. Paired with a premium tonic, or served simply on the rocks, this is one of the nicest and most unique gins we have tried on our trip.

As well as this, the regular ‘Compulsively Perfected’ version was also a great tasting gin. However, with such strong flavours, it may not be to everyones taste. 

Out of 10?

Overcritical Selection


Compulsively Perfected


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