Hapusa Gin


About Hapusa Gin

Hapusa is the Sanskrit word for juniper, the berry we all know and love. It is clear that there was no sitting around a table brainstorming an arty, creative, or even an ambiguous name for this spirit. No, Hapusa gin is exactly what it says on the bottle. It’s not one that imitates the country’s produce. It is made with Indian juniper berries, and it’s the only gin in the world to do so. Impressive, right?


Our Opinion

Unlike many of the other gins that claim to be of Indian origin, Hapusa gin is alone in that fact that all of its’ botanicals are actually sourced and hand-picked from the aromatic country, and that is noted in it’s incredibly unique flavour. 

The Himalayan juniper berries set this gin aside from the crowd, creating a wonderfully smooth and aromatic flavour that is refreshing, and delightfully easy to drink.

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Hapusa Gin

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