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About Hepple Gin

Deep in the Northumbrian moors is a gin haven, and it’s here where the magic of Hepple Gin happens. Some of the UK’s cleanest rivers provide a vast variety of aromatic plants to make one of the most faultless gins available on the market today. Using hand picked green juniper gives this gin it’s edge. This coupled with its innovative three step distillation means it’s a gin like no other. Hepple use both copper, and glass stills with a co2 extraction system, to create a wonderfully clean and innovative tipple.

Serendipity - Hepple Gin

Our Opinion

Hepple Gin hits you like a truth in a web of lies. The bottle literally reads ‘gin with high fidelity’ and that’s exactly what it is. There is no false pretences, it’s true to itself. Many brands nowadays choose botanicals that will appeal to the masses, in the hope of making masses of money. Hepple isn’t about that. It doesn’t taste like a bowl of potpourri or a well-stocked spice rack, it doesn’t try to be anything but gin. You can literally taste the integrity in each sip.

When we uttered the words ‘honest’ and ‘real’, the genuine happiness that radiated from Hepple co-creator Valentine Warner’s face proved that people were understanding, from one sip, what the brand had set out to achieve. Discovering this gin was serendipity.

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